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DENSO is one of the world's largest Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to the automobile industry. We produce components for the OEM's and the replacement market. As such we supply only dealers and the independent Aftermarket.

By working with our customers in a true partnership, we succeed in responding directly to our customers' needs with products that pay strict attention to environmental, comfort and safety demands. That is why a growing number of our customers see DENSO as an extension of their own resources.

Spark Plugs

Denso DENSO's spark plugs provide the same quality as Original Equipment spark plugs, but directly to the aftermarket. DENSO spark plugs guarantee optimum engine performance. Our spark plug range covers automotive, motorcycle, marine and small engines.

Denso Since 1959 DENSO has set the standard for spark plug technology. DENSO's spark plug factories are all QS 9000 and ISO 9000 certified, ensuring zero defect parts become a reality.

Denso DENSO spark plugs are fitted as original equipment by among others Cadillac, Chevrolet, Daihatsu, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Isuzu, Kawasaki, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, and Yamaha.

Glow Plugs

Denso DENSO has been manufacturing OE glow plugs since 1963 and are at the forefront of developments such as glow plugs with reduced heat-up time, glow plugs which reach and maintaining higher temperatures, as well as manufacturing thinner glow plugs with a longer life.

The DENSO Glow Plug range includes :

Single Coil, Double Coil, Extended Post-Heating and Ceramic glow plugs.
OE quality glow plugs that meet or exceed manufacturer’s specifications.
Glow plugs suitable for 98% of all European, US and Japanese vehicles.
Glow plugs with faster heat-up times and a reliable cold start.
Extended post-heat temperatures leading to lower vehicle emissions.

Air Conditioning

Denso The automatic air conditioner uses the sensors to detect the ambient air temperature, cabin air temperature, water temperature and quantity of solar radiation, and uses the microcomputer to determine the required blow-out air temperature, thereby controlling the refrigeration cycle system.

During the refrigeration cycle, interior heat absorbed by the evaporator is sent through the compressor to the condenser, then released outside the vehicle. The coolant inside the condenser is liquefied by the ambient air, and sent through the expansion valve to the evaporator, where it is vaporized to cool the cabin air.

A/C Compressor

Matching high standards DENSO is the number one in AC compressors in Europe. Many European carmakers such as BMW, Porsche, Mercedes and Fiat are using Denso parts.

Receiver Drier

OE quality for the aftermarket, DENSO is the global leader when it comes to air conditioning systems for the automotive industry.


The condenser is a heat exchanger belonging to the vehicle air conditioning system. It has the function of condensing the coolant in the refrigerating cycle.

Denso Radiators

The radiator is the main component of the engine cooling system and facilitates the exchange of heat accumulated by the coolant from the various parts of the engine, into the atmosphere.

Denso Cooling Fans

The cooling fan, designed for automotive applications, is usually positioned behind the radiator. In some applications fans are placed in front of heat exchangers to increase the flow of cooling air while travelling at low speed or when stationary.

Denso Intercoolers

The intercooler is a heat exchanger which cools the compressed air feeding the engines of cars equipped with a turbo compressor.

Denso Oil Coolers

Oil coolers are necessary to keep the temperature of the oil, needed for the functioning of the engine and its subsystems, under control.

Denso Heater Cores

The cabin heating radiator is actually a small radiator which, from a functional point of view, belongs both to the engine cooling system and to the heating system.

Cabin Air Filters

DENSO, the global leader in vehicle heating and ventilation systems, has developed a technologically advanced Cabin Air Filter replacement parts range. Cabin Air Filter’s keep out roadside dust, fumes, pollen and smells. This means that DENSO Cabin Air Filters actively clean the air as you drive – ensuring a healthy, comfortable journey every time.

Cabin Air Filter Types

OE quality – DENSO offers an extensive range of Cabin Air Filters designed and manufactured to the same OE quality that vehicle manufacturers world-wide. Particle Filters DENSO Particle Filters feature high quality, non-woven fabric to remove major air pollutants including dust, soot, lead & sulphates

Quality rotation - Alternators Starters

Denso DENSO is a global market leader in the direct supply of starters and alternators. Many leading carmakers feature our starters and alternators as standard parts. Every day millions of people around the world put their trust in the reliability of the advanced engineering of DENSO's superior electrical rotating equipment.

Denso Since the takeover of the Marelli Rotating Division in 1999 our starters and alternators are also directly available to the independent aftermarket. You can choose between new and re-manufactured units from our OE range. New units are produced in Italy, Poland and Japan, while the re-manufactured units come from our plants in the United Kingdom.

We only re-ma­nu­facture our own starters and alternators. In other words, our OE quality is always at your disposal. Customers therefore can benefit from DENSO’s high quality aftermarket products, not only for cars but for heavy-duty equipment like tractors, diggers and hoisting-cranes as well. The durability and high capacity of DENSO starters ensure that even the most demanding engines can be started under all circumstances and weather conditions.

You don't have to take our word for it; you can discover the advantages of DENSO’s quality products yourself.

DENSO's automotive line-up includes alternators. Fiat, Ford and Land Rover are among the many brands that feature this electrical part from DENSO.
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